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About 4 years ago I came from my pretty sweet Slovakia to the sunny mysterious Malta. Malta is for me a magical country with an infinite source of history, soul-feeding views, a majestic sea with hidden caves, hot sun and patriotic fireworks.

From time to time it just happened. The Creepy-Crawly Bug with a beautiful name HOME SWEET HOME, came into my head. I do not know which way he used to come inside, he must be very inventive. He knows for sure how to crawl to get into my head. Once he is there, he starts opening my “Memory Chest of Drawers”. For example, he opens the drawer with a fabulous fresh smell of evergreen Slovak forest. The smell is very strong and tickles my nose. Afterwards a strange feeling of sorrow drops into my heart. Bump, bump, bump……, my T-shirt is going up and down. The bug is happily creating his path back from my heart into my eyes. I could even feel tears in.

Sometimes they come 2 of them. With their invisible feet they are in a hurry to open other drawers. In one of them there is my lovely friend who always invites me to her tiny, summer cottage with a garden full of beautiful colorful flowers and smooth grass. What a special pleasant experience one gets through walking on such fresh mowed grass. I am also having a tasty treat prepared especially for me. Hmmm, yammy. The second bug is opening another drawer and I am immediately in my cosy, quiet flat, I left behind. The bugs continue in their mission, now through my throat into my stomach, creating strange shiverings there. What it means!  One person can’t be at two places all at once???!!!

One day I decided to stop the bugs to make these creepy-crawly buginess inside me, I invented my excellent virtual mind spray, which I am uisng against them.

I am offering you my recipe of 7 ingredients of distinct taste: 


There is nothing wrong with these feelings. Sometimes you might need more time to understand that the new environment is different and there is nothing wrong about it, it is just different.


I am in a country where there are not coniferous trees. But there are other trees. Big large trees of different shapes (like in a movie), some of them I call Trees Made For Reading. These trees have very strong law brunches. You just can lay down on one of them and read a book.


Accepting the situation and the clear facts is a good beginning. To be at a new place is not about my loss behind me, it is about my new world to be explored by me. Mark Twain said everything with his quote: “Comparison is the death of joy.”


This is for me quite easy as I love learning. I am trying to learn more about myself, as I have been out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I am surprised….

Curiosity could be my second name. I like learning about people, their lives, about the country where I am, about its culture, habits, language. I love observing and imagining what’s going on behind some people and situations.


Wherever we are, we are missing our close family and friends. Thanks to the IT technology we can get connected with them, so I just do it. I do not break bonds that I have had so far. On the other way I am trying to find new people, friends, who I could have something common to share.


Find your favourite spot where you can enjoy your coffee, shopping, entertainment, etc. I found some great places. One of them is for sure a nice large garden, where I am walking my dog and I can be watching the sea and its surprises all day long.


Very often we forget about it. Everybody who is abroad knows the question: “Where are you from”? I used to say: from Slovakia. The feedback is different, something as:  “ hm , aha, or question: Where is it?” or nothing. Sometimes I could find people who know my country and once I was very proud when one woman happily said to me: “my daughter studies in Slovakia”. One day I decided to change it and to be a promoter of my home country. So now I am trying to answer: “I am from Slovakia. It is a beautiful country full of castles, marvelous villages, natural beauty offering various adventure”. Many people show interest and some of them want to know more or get some recommendations how to get there, what to see, etc. It is a nice feeling to promote my Slovakia and I am still working on it.

If you have read the recipe till the end maybe you are considering to use it. Thank you for reading, your sharing with the other readers would be very much welcome. I am looking forward to your recipe.

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay wherever you are.


Agnes 4 YOU

Life Design Coach & Mentor


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