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Learn how to discover all your gifts you are not aware of.
Learn how to use them for your well being, for your healthy longevity.
Women we are naturally blessed with many gifts such as being caring, nurturing our loved ones, being a giver with all what it takes. We are caretakers first. Nearly all my female clients are.
There is nearly always someone or something for somebody what is first what we think we have to do.
Nicole McCance, a Toronto psychotherapist says:
“Women tend to be caretakers and focus more on other’s happiness than their own, This is usually something that is learned from childhood. Women tend to feel guilty when they are focusing on themselves. Some don’t think they deserve happiness. Once they realize that they are worthy of feeling good, and they learn how to be kinder to themselves, they notice that they are even better spouses and mothers because they have filled their own ‘love tank’ first.”
I am happy to help you to count all your blessings you are not aware of, to discover all your gifts and use them
for YOU,
to experience healthy longevity.
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