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Yesterday my brother sent me a picture of a painting that we used to have in our living room. When I saw it I started crying. The emotions were so strong, I couldn’t help myself. All beautiful memories connected with our loved parents and our precious family life came out. I was experiencing something what surprised me. I asked myself:
“If I am happy, why am I crying? Does a good cry have an emotional benefit or physicalbenefit?”

Yes, it does.
“We’ve all had moments when we start crying because we’re so overjoyed. It may be from something sentimental, like when you see a loved one who’s been away from home for a while, or something not as sentimental, like when your favorite team wins the game. But while a good cry does have these physical and emotional benefits, it’s easy to get confused once the tears start flowing. If you’re not sad, why are you crying?”

Oriana R. Aragón, a psychologist that studies emotionregulation and facial expressions says: “People can have negative expressions, but feel positive feelings.” Crying during happy times intensifies those moments. It makes the amazing feeling of happiness even greater.

When we cry, our tears release neurotransmitters known as leucine encephalin. They act as natural painkillers.
If you cry because you’re sad, leucine encephalin helps you feel better.
If you cry because you’re happy it makes you feel that much happier.”
(Source: Morgan Cutolo, Mental Health/Happy Tears)

Well, if you feel like crying, cry.
If you feel like laughing, laugh.
Both make us happier.


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