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FamAcademy - Why


As human beings, we want to know WHY and we usually start with our WHYs when we are about 3 years old. And then it goes non-stop. The genius who understands our WHYs that’s Mr Google. He knows everything. He delivers information about everybody and everything. OK, then what? To read them all, is it possible? Noooo, it is not. I have a secret for you. Another Mr Google lives inside you.

Who is it? That’s Mr YOU or Mrs YOU. You decide. In my case it’s Miss ME.

Every day I am having my life WHYs. As I want answers, I am usually visiting both. Mr Google and Miss ME.

Here, some of my WHYs:

“WHY do I worry about aging?”

“WHY do I sometimes feel insecure when I want to express my feelings?”

“WHY do I feel stuck today?”

“WHY was I not able to handle my emotions better?

“WHY am I not able to write an article when I know I need to do it now?

WHY do I love learning so much?

My WHYs are bringing new WHYs and that’s how it goes. I love them. I love each WHY that comes. My WHYs are helping me grow. My WHYs are my fishing rod. I throw it and when an information or answer is pulling, I am very excited to find out what I caught. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes it’s too small or too smelly, but many times it’s something amazing. I am very thankful to Mr Google for his ocean full of fish, but I know as well that to get information is not enough. WHY? If you catch a fish you have to process it. If not, it goes.

One day I decided to process my WHYs differently. I talked to Miss ME and she suggested to exchange my WHYs for WHATIFs.

WHAT IF I could stop worrying about my age.

WHAT IF I could find out what is behind my insecurities.


Searching for my WHY considering my WHATIFs inspired me to the action.

WHAT IF I could help other women to learn what I have learned.

WHAT IF I found the way how to help them.

So here I am with famvacademy, the safe virtual platform for Ladies after midlife, like me and you where you can search for your WHY.

Where you can feed you passion, dreams and desires, where you can dare to be yourself, without feeling vulnerable or being judged. Where us women can learn from women.

Searching for YOUR WHY with me will help you to inspire yourself to the action.

I believe that YOU have been born to be desired, fulfilled, sexy, appreciated, confident at the life stage you are right now.

WHY? Because you deserve!

So, WELCOME and see you here next time with another WHY?!

Agnes 4 YOU
Life Design Coach & Mentor

I would be happy if you leave your comments below.
Let me know which WHY are you interested in.
Thank you 😊


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